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Our offer for entrepreneurial people

This is how we create value for change-makers

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We are,

  • Skilled in building relationships
  • Able to use expertise and experience to help entrepreneurs and enterprises
  • Able to help you set and realise your objectives.

We do this by,

  • Drawing on deep and wide knowledge and experience of small enterprise and its core functions; and
  • We evaluate and develop own own performance

This creates value for entrepreneurial people. We nurture the practice of entrepreneurial people. This is the start of our impact.

Outcomes include,

  • Preparing yourself for enterprise, promoting yourself and your ideas
  • Choosing, defining and designing your business enterprise
  • Identifying and managing opportunities and risks
  • Knowing the market and satisfying customers
  • Doing and making successful deals
  • Winning help and support
  • Planning for success
  • Managing money matters

We will work alongside you long-term,

  • Supporting you to develop your personal enterprising skills
  • Supporting you and your team through entrepreneurship and enterprise coaching and mentoring
  • Supporting you and your team through enterprise training
  • Supporting you and your enterprise through professional consultancy services

Long-term we are focused on identifying what works really well in enterprise support and enterprise education. We are part of research networks considering and contributing to the current thinking and practices in enterprise support and entrepreneurship education, internationally.

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