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    Until peace is profitable

  • What We Do

    We're on a mission to demonstrate to others the social profit that is possible when we

    nurture innovation, enable enterprise and pipeline investment in hard places

    Mission: accessible, affordable, adaptable coaching, mentoring and advice for entrepreneurial people

    HeyYoda.online is a digital-first approach to supporting entrepreneurial people through the early-stages of learning the rules of the game and how to influence them. Packages are flexible and supported by intelligence social media technology. Launched in April 2018.

    Take Speak to Your City!

    Mission: to support Speak Social, Portugal to build franchise pipeline

    This business development project builds on our ongoing strategic advisory and mentoring support for the Co-founders. Over a year we are focused on helping develop the pipeline of Entrepreneur Franchise Partners. Read more here and email richard@speak.social 


    Mission: creating value for those shaping change internationally

    We have added huge value to programmes and strategic interventions to make the support system work better for entrepreneurial people. This includes supporting hundreds of younger entrepreneurs and pipelining more than $10 million in hard places. As consultants and collaboration partners we help discover insights, shape thinking, support strategic developments. We design, develop and deliver results-driven programming.

    R&D rooted in entrepreneurship

    Mission: to meet millions of entrepreneurial people in the moment they need support, enabling them to be change makers

    As project coordinator we are leading a European and European-neighbourhood consortium to develop the first actually intelligent support system for entrepreneurial people. This will be design to be accessible as possible, potentially millions of people. We will be testing approaches to shift the premium onto learning, action and actual performance.

  • Founder

    Richard’s personal mission is to be the change maker’s change maker;

    tackling what keeps entrepreneurs awake at night keeps him awake at night!

    Richard J Catherall

    Founder Director

    Richard has developed deep insights and unique experience mastering innovation, enterprise and investment in hard places internationally. This is complemented by a true depth of experience in public and private sectors in the UK.


    He amplifies his own capabilities by bringing together intercultural, international and interdisciplinary teams; coproducing excellence in service delivery and performance.

  • A flavour of our work

    The company’s investment thesis builds on 15 years experience of social policy, social enterprise and social investment. We work in the UK, Europe and further afield in some of the world’s hardest places.

    Research to inform policy

    Influencing the vision

    As a contribution to the European Commission’s event Social Entrepreneurs: Have your Say in Strasbourg 16–17 January 2014, the British Council commissioned a specific think-piece ‘What will Social Enterprise look like in Europe by 2020?’

    Research to influence practice

    Empowering the next generation to address society’s needs

    With society having become so complex, and its issues developing an immunity to politics; what to do? In this think-piece we engaged some radical thinkers with practical proposals, and practitioners with some radical thinking.

    Tailor-made interventions to boost outcomes

    Digital tools and the arts

    The Digital Innovation Fund for the Arts in Wales commissioned us to help them identify and develop investment and market readiness for the first cohort of their projects; and to implement new training and capacity building in the next round.

    International development innovation

    Pioneering innovation ecosystems in hard places

    Innovation Lab Nepal was one of the first labs of its kind. Based on an lab, incubator and community reaching across the country it focused on breakthroughs in emergency response. World Vision International commissioned us to help get this off the ground, being embedded in the team for three months, in the aftermath of the country's earthquake.

    Alliances for civilisation

    Entrepreneurship support in the context of hard places

    Commissioned by UNAOC and in close association with leading European foundation Fondazione CRT, we were a partner in this three-year intercultural entrepreneurship programme. We supported 25 of the cohort very closely, to establish enterprises, become investment ready, negotiate deal flow, build domestic markets and access international markets. We have been involved in 10 similar and sometimes very different approaches and methodologies over five years.

  • 250+

    Young entrepreneurs supported

    $10 million +

    Pipelined in hard places and growing


    Countries in our portfolio so far

    1,000,000 +

    Target number of entrepreneurial people supported > 2025

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